Art Info

Commission Status: CLOSED

About Me

♡ name : Tayy
♡ pronouns : She/her/they
♡ age : 25
♡ orientation: pan
♡ interests : anime, games, cosplay, making ocs, creative ideas, drawing, sewing, etc.
♡ fun facts: fox obsessed. married with 3 doggos. addicted to sweets. fibro fighter.
I've been drawing since I was old enough to grab crayons, and enjoy many mediums- most prominently digital drawing and sewing!
I enjoy drawing cute girls the most~

Commission Pricing

♡ please click images for full view
♡ see my twitter for most recent work posted
♡ payment due up front
♡ all prices are subject to increase due to detail depending on character design
♡ multiple characters in a piece are: add the base price per character
♡ i will draw sfw/mild nsfw, anime or fursonas

Chibis and Icons

♡ chibis or close icons
♡ no background/solid background


♡ shoulders/chest up
♡ no background/solid background

Full/Thigh Up Sketch

♡ full body/thigh up
♡ no background/solid background

Full Illustration
Starts at $90

♡ full body/thigh up fully rendered
♡ background included

Terms of Service

PLEASE READ THESE TERMS AND CONDITIONS CAREFULLY. THIS IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY.By commissioning me, you are agreeing that you have read and agree to these terms.
♡ i have the right to deny any commission at any time, as well as the right to update terms at any time.
Use of Content:
♡ all images and content belong to SugarFoxx__ .
♡ with exception to private downloading and saving, you may share my work on your own post WITH CREDIT.♡ i have the right to post and share any work that is done by me, including art and costume work.What I WILL draw:
♡ anime, furry art, feral or anthro, ponies, pinups, SFW and certain NSFW, comics, concepts, etc
If unsure, please ask! I will typically be open to most things!
Please note my style is more on the feminine side than masculine. I can do males, but they don't tend to look extremely sharp/masculine/etc.
♡ i accept payments in USD through PayPal ONLY to [email protected] .
♡ payment MUST be sent upfront (unless said otherwise). No work is done without payment.
♡ payments should be sent via goods/services, sometimes a link is sent in ease.
If you are unsure of how to make a payment through PayPal (or if you are a first time commissioner), just ask or look up a tutorial! It's very simple.Commissioner Rights:You May:
♡ upload/repost all commissioned pieces to your accounts AS LONG AS there is credit linking back to me.
♡ resize any images to use as an icon, etc.
♡ print out any work for personal use.
You may NOT:
♡ sell my work or make a profit from it.
♡ repost WITHOUT crediting back to me.
♡ remove my watermark or signature.
♡ edit or have another artist edit my work in any way.
♡ WIPs (work in progress) are for you to request to make any changes before I continue to finish your commission. Please feel free to tell me if anything needs to be fixed upon receiving a WIPs if any are provided.
♡ for the most part, I do provide one WIP sketch but I do not always provide WIPs with every commission. If you'd like to see one before your commission is completed, please ask! I am more than happy to provide you with one.
♡ refunds will be given back 100% if I have not started any work.
♡ if any work is started, you will receive a partial refund up to what I have completed.
♡ if you feel that you won't be satisfied with an end result, please ask ahead for a refund. If I feel uncomfortable moving forward with your commission for ANY reason, I have the right to issue a refund and discontinue work.
♡ please note my normal turn-around time is usually within a couple weeks, depending on the commission type, but can take about a month otherwise. If there's a big bout for emergency commissions for whatever reason, obviously these can take longer to complete. Thank you for your patience!
♡ asking me for progress is perfectly fine and I’m more than happy to show you any work I’ve gotten done! However, if you ask me more than two times since your payment was made and it has been under one month, I will immediately refund you. I do not want to feel rushed, I take my time with my work to ensure it comes out the best for you. This goes along with the WIPs information above.
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask!